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Menda Nylon Point Blade Probe, 150mm, Black PRODUCT: DES35622
Menda Nylon Point Blade Probe, 150mm, Black
$4.19 (EX GST)
Unit Each
The hygroscopic (readily accepts moisture) properties of Nylon may make this tool suitable for use around ESD sensitive components after a few minutes of handling the tool with bare hands. Without exposure to moisture or antistatic treatment, Nylon is in the insulative resistance range and charges will not be
removed to ground.
* Wood/nylon finish will not mar delicate surfaces
* Ideal material for use in ESD protected areas
*Temperature resistant - material will not melt
* Ideal for opening plastic cases
* Great tool to pop out batteries
* Made in America

As used by Apple computer technicians and engineers
15% Glass Filled Super tough Nylon, UL94 Rated
Melting Point: 450°F (232°C)




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