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Pace, SMR, Pulse Heat Rework Station, incl Wire stripping PRODUCT: 8007-0566
Pace, SMR, Pulse Heat Rework Station, incl Wire stripping
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SMR Pulse Heat Thermal Tool Kit including the TW-15 thermal wire stripper hand tool and stand.

The SMR features a Pulse Heat power output which provides controlled temperature ramp-up to reflow temperatures,
reducing thermal shock risk and unwanted heating of adjacent solder joints. The system can be used for the removal
and installation of small SMD’s, thermal wire stripping, resistance soldering of wires to connector cups, lap repairs for
conductors and traces and removal of conformal coatings. Image shows SMR system with OPTOINAL HANDPIECES.

The SMR system comes with PACE’s StripTweez Handpiece (TS-15) which has one application, the thermal stripping of wires.
Offering a range of tips for specific gauged wires. (P/N: 7012-0002-P1)
PACE's Lapflo Tool (LF-15) has two primary applications, conductor/trace/pad repairs and thermal parting e.g. controlled
heat and abrasion for removal of conformal coating and laminate repairs. (P/N: 7013-0004-02-P1)

PACE's ResisTweeze Handpiece (TW-15) has two main applications, wire to terminal/lug soldering & desoldering and PLCC
removal. (P/N: 7009-0005-P1)

PACE's ConducTweez (CT-15) applications are focused on the installation and removal of chips, SOTs and SOICs
. (P/N: 7020-0001-P1)
60Hz, 80 Watts maximum at 115 VAC, 50Hz at 230 VAC
Dimensions 104mm (4.1") H x 130mm (5.1") W x 152mm (6") D
Weight 2.9 Kg (6.3 lbs)
Control LED Digital Display & Keypad
Calibration Required No
Power Range 1-20

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