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Hakko FX100 Induction Soldering Iron 50 Watt PRODUCT: HKFX100
Hakko FX100 Induction Soldering Iron 50 Watt
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FX100 Details:

The Hakko FX-100 features IH (induction heater) that continuously powers the soldering iron and maintains the set
temperature by automatically detecting even minute drops in temperature, plus Hakko's proprietary Power Assist function.

The FX-100 achieves powerful thermal recovery even with fine-shaped tips. It provides excellent thermal responsiveness
that conventional IH and sensor feedback systems cannot offer.
Easy to use
No calibration necessary
User-selectable power display
Password lockout
Tip sleep function reduces temperature during inactivity
Backlit display
Activity monitor
User-programmable heating profiles
Auto power-off safety feature
Compact and stackable base station
Slender and lightweight soldering iron with burn-resistant cord
Compatible with T31 series tip cartridges
Suited to a range of applications from micro-soldering to high-volume soldering
Voltage: 240V
Power Consumption: 85W
Output Power: 50W
Output Frequency: 13.56MHz
Weight: 3.1kg
Dimensions (WxHxD): 127 x 150 x 163mm
Handpiece Specifications
Tip-to-Ground Resistance: <2 ohms
Tip-to-Ground Potential: <2mV
Length of cord: 1.2m
Total Length with tip, w/o cord: 190mm
Weight (w/o cord): 31g with tip
Heating Element: High frequency induction-type
FX-100 soldering station with FX-1001 Soldering Iron
Iron Holder
Heat Resistant pad
3-wire power cord
Yellow soldering iron grip (installed)
Instruction manual
This station uses Hakko T31 style tips in a FX1001-81 soldering iron hand piece

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