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Quick PCB Board Holder (Large) with Z Axis Stand PRODUCT: QUI800L
Quick PCB Board Holder (Large) with Z Axis Stand
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Quick Large PCB Board Holder, 382(L)*300(W)*110(H)mm, with Z Axis stand, 350(L)*250(W)mm.

V type lock that is spring loaded and lockable.

Bottom Plate of Z Axis stand: 350(L)*250(W)mm.

1. Combined working plate, easier for equipment maintenance.
2. Heating upward and downward simultaneously, suitable for de-soldering BGA and other chips which need preheating.
3. Adjustable according to different sizes of PCBs.
4. Picking up and placing chips function can be selected as per requirements

Specifications of Z Axis Stand
Dimensions of bottom base 350(L)*250(W)mm
Height 380mm
Fine adjustment height 60mm

Large PCB Holder included 382(L)*300(W)*110(H)mm

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