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IR1000, 230v PRODUCT: 8007-0537
IR1000, 230v
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The IR 1000 is capable of installing and removing passives, QFPs, SOICs, PLCCs, MLFs, TSOPs, and coarse pitched BGAs. The IR 1000 incorporates a 500 W top heater and a 400 W pre-heater.

The system allows for simple one zone profiles up to more complicated multi zone profiles. It features PACE’s exclusive “Learn Mode” that assists the user with developing profiles.

The system features a spring loaded, adjustable vacuum pik, a cooling fan, and a built in, spring loaded, board-holder. The distance between the top heater and PCB can be adjusted and its vertical position is saved in the profile to ensure repeatability.

Optional PC software is available that allows for profile management and graphing of temperature data.


The free standing board holder allows for maximum flexibility and can also be used for other applications when not using the IR 1000.

The system has an automated cooling fan that is activated simply by moving it into place.

The spring loaded vacuum pik can be used to automatically lift the component off the PCB upon complete reflow.

Laser centring indicator assists in positioning the PCB directly under the heaters and vacuum pik.

Temperature probe is fitted with a ball/yoke positioner that is held in place with a magnet for maximum flexibility and to get to those hard to reach spots on the PCB.

System is fitted with a built in vacuum wand that allows for manual removal if required.

Pre-Heater monitoring prevents an operator from beginning a profile when the heater is not ready.

Pre-Heater can be turned off or put into SetBack when system is not being used.

Vacuum pik has built in theta adjustment for easy positioning of components.

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