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Desco Statfree UC 2-Layer Blue,762mm wide/lineal m PRODUCT: DES66300CUT
Desco Statfree UC 2-Layer Blue,762mm wide/lineal m
$210.00 (EX GST)
Unit Each
Statfree UC, 2-Layer, Sky Blue, 762 mm wide, sold per lineal metre.

Desco’s Statfree UC mat is a 0.080" (2mm) thick, 2-layer, dissipative rubber material.
It is designed to provide a path to ground and eliminate static charge generation when used as a work surface table mat,
shelf liner, and cart liner. The surface resistance (1 x 106 to < 1 x 109 ohms Rtt) of the colour top
layer meets ANSI/ESD S20.20 work surface required limit and recommendation of ANSI/ESD S4.1
for contact with ESD susceptible items. The more conductive (< 1 x 105 Rtt) bottom black layer
reduces the resistance to ground (Rtg) from the top of the surface to the ground able point ground
and allows the mats to be used with ESD continuous monitors. The Statfree UC material is
manufactured without Silicone or DOP additives. Although clean room requirements vary,
Statfree UC material will mostly likely meet the requirements for a class 100 or higher clean room.
Ultraviolet (UV) additives stabilize colour retention, insure ESD performance over time and eliminate
surface layer deterioration resulting in cracking when the product is flexed.

Construction: Dual-layer Rubber
Thickness: 0.080" (2mm)Statfree UC, Roll,
Texture:* Smooth
Colours:* Blue
*Colour and texture may vary between lots and mils




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