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Hallmark, IVX-400, Royal Blue Hip-length Jacket w/ Cuffs, XL PRODUCT: TWHIJ43C-XL
Hallmark, IVX-400, Royal Blue Hip-length Jacket w/ Cuffs, XL
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Medium weight IVX-400 Fabric garments are for protect your sensitive micro-electronic products from ESD (electrostatic discharge) generated by simple human movement
The esd knit cuff eliminates the need for wrist straps. This option assures electrical continuity through both cuffs and into the adjoining sleeve. This feature includes a ground snap at the hip pocket.
Style: Reinforced wide hem V-neck, with 3 pockets
Fabric Content: 93% texturized polyester and 7% Shakespeare Conductive Fibres, LLC Resistat® fibre (carbon-suffused monofilament nylon), knit in grid pattern
Will meet the requirements of the National ESD Association’s ANSI/ESD STM 2.1-2013, Category 3

Grounding: ESD grid-knit cuffs and stainless snaps at the wearer's pocket to snap to a ground cord
Length: Knee-length
Colour: Royal Blue
Size: XL
(Ground cord sold separately)
ESD grid-knit cuffs form a contact patch around both of the wearer’s wrists
Garment and wearer are then both grounded by attaching a ground cord to the 4mm stainless steel snaps on either hip pocket
Will maintain performance characteristics for a minimum of 100 washes or 2 years, whichever comes first
Cool or warm water wash with any commercially-available liquid detergent, tumble dry low heat or hang dry.
The carbon-suffused mono-filament nylon is sensitive to heat and should not be exposed to drying heat in excess of 120°F.
Wash at 90°F (Maximum), and tumble dry at low heat or hang dry.
This medium weight fabric will dry very quickly, and we recommend hang-drying for maximum life.




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