SMD Splice Tool for Cartridge Brass Shims PRODUCT: BAS3.111100
SMD Splice Tool for Cartridge Brass Shims
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SMD Brass Shims in cartridge format, 20 shims in one ladder type cartridge

This SMD Tape Splicing Tool is an indispensible piece of equipment for joining the ends of two SMD pocket tape bodies together, while the tape width is immaterial.
An individual Brass Shim is placed unto the centre locating pins, rough side uppermost, and the two pocket tape bodies arranged on the locating pins/sprocket holes so that the joint is in the middle of the Brass Shim.
The holding toggles, when rotated, will assist in maintaining the tapes in position. After lowering the top part of the tool by pulling the handles together until held by the ratchet arrangement the self-adhesive tape connector can be applied carefully to the cover tapes, using the top tool block as an alignment aid.
Finally the tool handles are fully depressed and released, which concludes the splicing process.
3.111100 Splice tool




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