3M Cond/Film Adh 8mmx35m roll 2 Rolls PRODUCT: MMM7303
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3M Anisotropic Conductive Film Adhesive 8mm x 35m roll 2 Rolls

Was Product Code: 3M-7303
Product Code Changed To: MMM7303

Offers low bonding temperature for connecting polyester flex-to-PCB or polyimide flex-to-PCB
or flex-to-flex. Excellent resistance to low temperatures and solvents.

Adhesive thickness: 74 micron
Particle Type: Silver Coated Glass
Pitch: 500 micron

Z-axis electrically conductive film with heat cure epoxy/acrylate hybrid and 58 lb polycoated kraft paper liner. Low temperature and high solvent resistance, high HSE and low LSE. 2.5 mil thick with 4.0 mil liner




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