Stencil Printer Spares

Stencil Roll, MPM Printer, Standard Size, Premium

Exact replacement to all of the standard MPM stencil rolls. This features the unique
$46.04 (EX GST)
Microcare Stencil Paper Roll MPM and SpeedPrint.

Exact MPM replacement stencil roll, configured for all of the standard MPM stencil print...
$26.25 (EX GST)
Microcare Stencil Roll, DEK Printers, Premium Performance

Exact replacement to all of the standard DEK stencil rolls. Same length, plasti...
$50.01 (EX GST)
Microcare Stencil Roll EKRA Printers - Premium Material

To suit ERKA Printers 400mm wide Roll
This features the unique MicroWipe FP fabr...
$46.04 (EX GST)
Polybelt 3mm x 1785mm

Is the PCB Transfer belt that moves PCB through the machine. Two required
$117.10 (EX GST)
# 00320
22mm long

Limited Stock available
New Part # is an upgrade kit p/n SP-BM001851
Tooling Post to support PCB in 200 and 210 AVI printers. 3mm top di for fine tooling support.
Complete Squeegee assembly with blades for a 200 / 210 AVI Speedprint Printer.
Has a set of blades (420mm), wings and holder 420mm wide.
Complete Squeegee assembly for a 200 /210 AVI Speedprint Printer.
Has a set of blades, wings and holder 220mm wide.
Upgrade kit for SP200Avi to convert to the new style foils.
Table Dampers 3 required on each machine so the table followers the micrometre's.

To Test them :
If you gently force the table to rotate...
Replacement E -Stop Monitoring Module as a direct replacement for the Schmersal AZR31TO/24V which is now obsolete
$1,772.00 (EX GST)
Squeegee blades to fit speed print printers SP710AVI

550mm long
Replacement motor and gearbox only for SP100 type screen printer

This replacement motor and gearbox has a flat on side of the output sh...
Complete motor and gearbox and act for SP100 printer. For replacement motor only use 01EU-S1894
Cover Hinge for the main door on the SP 200 AVI printer
Speedprint Squeegee Blade Holder Assembly Set, 420mm

Includes holder and two blades-SPS2423
Squeegee blades, most common size to fit SP100 SP200 and 200 AVI SpeedPrint stencil printers. Sold as a pair (2) blades at a time.

320mm ...
$393.75 (EX GST)
Squeegee blades to fit speed print printers SP100 - 200AVI

370mm long
3mm Board locating pins for Speedprint SP100 and SP200 printers. This has a head on it that measures 4mm.
$57.75 (EX GST)
Gas strut that is used to keep the table in the correct place.
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