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Plato Shear 170,

Requires 50% less operator effort and has a longer cutting life than
conventional cutters because it shears rather th...
$10.45 (EX GST)
Available Now: 24
Plato Ergonomic, ESD-Safe Lead Cutter

Curved, palm-shaped, ESD-safe handles reduce operator fatigue and
increase productivity. Thin pro...
$17.43 (EX GST)
Available Now: 14
Platoshear S Extra-Strong Cutter, 170S

Innovative lead cutter engineered to precisely trim higher gauge leads and wire without the blad...
$13.95 (EX GST)
Available Now: 8
Shear cutter Cuts round and flat cable, co-ax, nickel, Kovar, and other wire with a clean shearing cut that reduces cable cut-end distortion...
$31.45 (EX GST)
Available Now: 18
Plato Lead Cutter with Safety Guard, ESD Safe, Was P175SD

Platoshear 175 has a permanently attached safety guard that reduces the risk of...
$26.25 (EX GST)
Available Now: 12
Plato Cleaning Sponge w/hole P10

This Sponge is 69mm x 69mm with a 18mm hole in the centre when DRY

Fits Hakko 607,609,631,632, 936,9...
$27.95 (EX GST)
Available Now: 24
Plato Flux Dispenser Bottle, ESD Safe w Needle, 2oz with .010'' (.25mm) needle.

Plato's POS-A LOC leak proof liquid dispensers offer a co...
$16.85 (EX GST)
Available Now: 20
Static Safe bottle with spout 16 oz. (450ml)
Plato Liquid Dispenser, Bottle & Cap, 4oz
$14.29 (EX GST)
Available Now: 9
Plato Liquid Dispenser, Bottle & Cap, 8oz (225ml )
$14.29 (EX GST)
Available Now: 3
Plato Solder Pot, Lead Free

Solder Pot - Plato SP201P, with a Porcelain Crucible that won't corrode and is designed to work with either ...
TSPTT-95 Package of 1

PLATO TIP TINNER 0.70 OZ 20 grams

All major Manufacturers of soldering tips have one thing in c...
$11.54 (EX GST)
Available Now: 78
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