Microcare Flux Remover VOC-Free, UltraClean, 300g PRODUCT: MCCVOC10A
Microcare Flux Remover VOC-Free, UltraClean, 300g
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VOC-Free Flux Remover - UltraClean

New! This is a totally new cleaning formulation, available only from MicroCare, and it has been engineered to be the world's
first modern "global" cleaning fluid. This means this product can be specified by any company, in any part of the world including New Zealand, and
comply with all of the environmental restrictions around the globe. For example, this product has been specifically engineered
for those markets with tight VOC restrictions, such as California, Texas and parts of the EU. It also is completely
non-halogenated, which is a crucial environmental parameter in many parts of Asia. In terms of performance, it is a highly
effective circuit cleaner, offering superior results on "no-clean" fluxes and very good cleaning on rosin- and lead-free fluxes
as well. This product also easily removes silicone conformal coatings and silicone glues. An excellent choice for defluxing
circuit boards during rework and repair, this fast-drying fluid is the strongest cleaner on the market in its class (non-chlorinated,
non-halogenated solvents). It is plastic-safe. Flammable. Good safety ratings. Slight aroma. ESD-safe.
TriggerGrip cleaning system compatible.




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