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Electrolube Conformal Coating Aqua, WBP05LS, 5L, Sprayable PRODUCT: ELWBP05LS
Electrolube Conformal Coating  Aqua, WBP05LS, 5L, Sprayable
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Electrolube Conformal Coating Aquacoat Plus is a water based conformal coating, based on polymeric materials which has been specifically formulated for the protection of electronic circuitry. It offers an excellent blend of both physical and electrical properties whilst eliminating the need for extraction and other
precautions associated with the application of conventional solvent based conformal coatings. Aquacoat Plus is non-flammable and contains very low levels of VOC's.
*Water-based coating,
*Very low VOC content
*Excellent solvent resistance
*Resistance to mould growth
*N-Methyl pyrrolidone, isocyanate and phenol free
*Wide operating temperature range
*UV trace to aid inspection
*RoHS-2 Compliant
*MIL Approval (MIL-1-46058C)
5Litre Container
Type: Sprayable Formula - Aquacoat Plus is available in two formulations. WBPS (Sprayable) has been specifically formulated for use in selective film coater equipment whilst WBP is our standard material.
Liquid Properties
Appearance: Milky White
Density @ 20°C (g/ml): 1.03
VOC Content: <10%
Flash Point: >100°C
Solids content: 35%
Viscosity @ 20°C (mPa s): 180-220
Touch Dry: 25-35 minutes
Recommended Drying Time: 24 hours @ 20°C, or 2 hours 20°C followed by 2 hours @ 60°C -Optimum properties achieved after 7 days

Dry Film Coating
Colour: Clear transparent
Operating Temperature Range: -60°C to +125°C
Flammability: Meets UL94-V1
Thermal cycling (MIL-1-46058C): Pass
Coefficient of Expansion: 125 ppm
Dielectric Strength: 50 kV/mm
Dielectric Constant: 2.6
Surface Insulation Resistance: 5 x 1011 O
Dissipation Factor @ 1MHz, 25°C: 0.03
Moisture Resistance (MIL-1-46058C): Pass
Coverage @ 25µm: 14 m²
Water based conformal coating




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