Supplier Links

Agents for 3M in NZ Small electronics soldering irons and craft tools Pliers, cutters, shears, and hand tools Circuit board repair products including gold track repairs and equipment

Static esd products, bench earthing and matting, esd chemicals Electronic grade Cleaners, Solvents,Freeze Adhesives Flux and solder paste. SMT placement machines ESD racks to hold PCB boards, board handlers etc Pliers, cutters, tools Fiber optic and Electronic cleaners ,wet and dry Soldering stations , Fume extraction, Underboard heaters Wire bending machines Pace soldering/desoldering stations/fume extraction & rework equip. Wire shears & cutters etc Solder, Adhesives, Muilicore solder wire Hand lotions and tip tinner Full range of tweezers and vacuum pickup tools Static esd products and esd bags SMT inline circuit board printers Solder wick and various electronic support products Jackets and esd clothing

Soldering stations ,Fume extraction,Magnifying lights&Static testers tools

Practice repair boards and components